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at a high level with cool microphones and nice sounding rooms.

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Everything you need to find ‚your‘ sound.

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We’ll help seriously at this last step of your production. 

Original Music for Motion Picture:

Entirely Different

What we do

We’re writing, recording, mixing and producing film scores. Our ‘boutique’ handmade and highly emotional approach to scoring is based both on a deep understanding of the project’s specifics and a faithful communication and cooperation with the film’s director/producer. Each project is different and unique. That’s why we’re committed to go beyond the beaten path in order to provide whatever is required musically, allowing ourselves to totally indulge in the project. Based in Berlin and Vienna we rely on our premises and resources to handle projects of various kinds and sizes. Although open for a variety of genres and musical styles our more recent work leans towards artistically ambitious, leftfield biopics, animated films, fine art films and fiction feature films.

Who we are

Born 1969 Roland has a long standing background in music. He learned piano and flute from age 5 and thought himself guitar later on. After playing in a number of bands he started his musical career in the mid-nineties releasing numerous records in electronic genres such as techno, downtempo or nu-jazz. Besides working a recording artist under various aliases he was also producing and remixing other artists. To this day Roland has released more than 70 EP’s, albums, singles as an artist, producer, writer or co-writer, his songs being licensed to over 100 compilation albums worldwide. In the early 2000s Roland started writing for film, TV and video games. His 2001 debut film work, the German animated film ‘Das Rad / Rocks’ was nominated in ‘best animated short’ category at the 75th Academy Awards (Oscar) in 2002.

Heiko is an expert sound engineer and composer. Born 1974 in Koblenz, Germany he grew up in Berlin where he resides to date. After learning piano in grammar school he extended his skills by going about synthesizers, sequencers and sound engineering. 1994 Heiko began studying communication science with a focus in sound engineering, psychoacoustics and surround sound. Along the way he started building his own studio and accepting music production assignments with DJ’s and producers tied to the Berlin club scene. By completing his degree 2002 he already had a host of successful productions and mix projects under his belt. Clients include Chillifunk Records UK, Liquid Sound Lounge US, ROI Records/Universal Music Germany or Flamingo Discos on Spain. He continued working all around the place for the likes of Shaggy, Chaka Khan, Kim Sanders, Bro’Sis, Warren Suicide, B-Phreak or Aromabar. More and more Heiko began working as a composer for other artists, TV, image films and commercials.

Our credo

We love experimenting! When devising a score we might blend different genres and production techniques, avoiding musical clichés wherever we can (… at times even turning those clichés upside down if need be). Depending on what the projects asks for we like to combine acoustic and electronic, digital and analogue, close and wide, bright and dark. In this way, we’re aiming at developing a specific ’signature‘ sound for each project. 

Having mastered all required technical and organizational skills within the production process, relying on a vast roster of distinguished artists and instrumentalists allows us to fully focus on the most important thing: the film, the music, the emotion it creates and how it impacts the perception of the scene under consideration. Let the magic happen!

Music Production:


‘Your project deserves high-end custom production and fine-tuning to really stand out.’ 

Our approach to music production is plain & simple: make the song shine and make the artist look great! So whether you need assistance going this very last mile or you don’t know how to produce music at all, we’ll come to rescue. In production/ co-production our way of working is song-sensitive and careful and we never lose sight of the big picture, neither in musical terms nor in managing / administrating your project.

Got a great song with great performances but it still doesn’t sound quite right to you? Need a bigger instrumentation / arrangement? Set-Studios will bring in their vast experience and skills in order to assess where you are at and push the right buttons to create a truly outstanding and competitive result. Yes, we do consider music production a very creative process. Thus, we don’t rely on pre-fabricated, out of the box approaches, we rather build stuff on our own, since you and your songs aren’t off-the-shelf neither, right? Rather taking the bull by the horns than delivering outdated and over-used ‘bread & butter’ sounds. After all, we all strive for those original, credible and purely emotional pieces of music, don’t we?

In case you’re already entirely happy with your production and thus just need a hand mixing your project we’ll gladly assisst you with that. That is, we can enter your project at every stage, giving you maximum flexibility and custom-tailored services to successfully complete your track. Be in control. Review every step we take and we tweak it until it’s perfect. Exchange ideas with us to make your dream album come true.

In time. Within the budget.


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